Targeting Unevangelized Remote Regions of the World
Our Ministry Team

Mark Bach -  Missionary, Ministry Director

Brother Mark is a remote regions missionary evangelist and is the director of the BEAM ministry. He was saved in 1980 at the age of eighteen and was called to preach in 1882. He enrolled in the Bearing Precious Seed Bible institute and graduated in 1987. After getting married in 1989, Bro Mark and his wife Amy moved to Pennsylvania where they were involved in church planting over the next ten years. Then, in 2000, the Lord called Brother Bach into evangelism. It was while traveling as an evangelist that the Lord gave him the vision for the BEAM ministry. Since moving to Alaska in 2006, he and his family have served the Lord in evangelism and church planting in the remote villages of Southeast Alaska and Northwestern BC, Canada. Contact

Paul Bach - Missionary, Ministry Pilot

Bro. Paul serves with the BEAM team as a remote regions missionary. He was saved at the age of fifteen in 2006. In 2008, He answered the Lord’s call to preach and over the next few years had the opportunity to be involved in mission work in remote Alaskan and Canadian villages. After graduating from High school, Paul continued his training in our local church Bible institute as he served under his Dad, Missionary Mark Bach in full time ministry. During this time, the Lord called him to be a remote regions missionary evangelist and church planter. He is presently on deputation in preparation for serving the Lord in this region. Paul is a Certified Flight Instructor and has a Commercial Pilots License and Instrument, multi-engine, and sea-plane ratings. Contact

Johnathan Bach - Missionary 

Bro. Johnathan serves with our team as a remote village missionary. He was saved at the age of 12 in 2005. Having spent his teen years here on the mission field of Alaska, he was called to preach when he was 16 in 2009. John was trained by his dad, Brother Mark Bach through our Bible Institute and has had the opportunity of serving with our team here on the field. He has also had the opportunity to travel with the BEAM Team trio and present this ministry in churches all across the lower forty eight. He and his wife, Emily, are presently on deputation and plan to return to serve the Lord together in the remote villages in this region. Contact

Daniel Bach - Missionary Evangelist

Bro. Daniel serves as a missionary evangelist and church planter on our team. He was saved in 2005 and called to preach in 2008. He has been serving with his family on the mission field since 2006. He is presently involved with our team in the village ministry. He is part of the BEAM ministry and has traveled with the BEAM Team trio representing this ministry in churches all across the country. The Lord has given him a unique ministry working with international seamen at our local shipping port. Daniel has also taken trips overseas to engage in evangelism work and encouraging God’s servants on their fields. As he seeks the Lord for the next steps, his service in our home ministry is a great blessing to the team. Contact