Targeting Unevangelized Remote Regions of the World

    Field of Focus Periodical

Field of Focus is written by a Creative Access Missionary on the BEAM team. The author holds the copyright to this periodical. For security purposes, please do not republish or repost this article without the author’s permission. 

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Field of Focus - (Issue #1)

This first issue of Field of Focus highlights the need for World Evangelization in Creative Access Nations through the lens  of a very needy country in the Middle East. 

 This 24-page periodical is easy read with large type; it is also Illustrated with 32 photos and charts. You can read it directly from your electronic device, you could also download and print it if you wish. Please tap or click on the cover of the periodical to view or print the PDF file. 

It is our hope, that through this periodical, God will raise your awareness for the spiritual needs of various Creative Access Nations. We trust that through this paper, God will place a burden on your heart for the Yemeni people. If you feel that God is calling you to act, please consider joining in a Middle East Evangelism outreach endeavor in the greater Detroit area of Michigan. See the last page (Pg. 24) for more information as well as an invitation to get personally get involved in reaching Yemeni and other Middle Eastern people, who are living right here in North America.