Targeting Unevangelized Remote Regions of the World

“I am very thankful for how this ministry has helped me with the extra travel costs to go from village to village in a large region of ministry where we now are going. At the price of gasoline today, B.E.A.M.  is helping to lift this very heavy burden. I am confident that there are many places in the world where other missionaries could be greatly helped by this ministry if their home church would get under the burden and sponsor a B.E.A.M. from their local church ministry.”

Mark J. Bach

B.E.A.M. founder and missionary

to Alaska and remote regions of Canada 


   “We had several villages to cover and the only way you could cover them was by air.  I had two airplanes in the two terms I served up there [Kodiak Island, Alaska]… but I couldn’t get the folks burdened enough to help me financially with it, and it is a real financial burden, especially with the gas the price that it is now, and also with the maintenance. Both of my planes, I couldn’t get them certified, because I didn’t have the money … to provide for the maintenance and the care… and therefore I had to sell the airplanes. I believe… that [B.E.A.M.] will help tremendously… those missionaries whom the Lord has called out into the aviation ministry… because they won’t have that financial burden to worry about. I was hindered tremendously. It was discouraging, many, many, many discouragements. It is a dire necessity if you want to reach souls in those communities up there to have some local church organization to help the missionary do the job that needs to be done. If I would have had that kind of help… I would still be up there."

Jim  Ritchie                                                                                                                           former missionary pilot in Alaska