Targeting Unevangelized Remote Regions of the World

About Us


B.E.A.M. is a local Independent Baptist Church, evangelism/transportation ministry.

B.E.A.M.'s objective is to provide transportation for getting the Gospel into remote regions around the world. 

BEAM is short for…

Baptist Evangelism Aviation Ministry

B.E.A.M. is about a service.

Baptist ~ as the ministry is distinctly Independent Baptist in doctrine and practice.


Evangelism stands for our burden for evangelism, Gospel publishing and distribution in remote regions and the transportation  nessesary to reach these places. 


Aviation ~ as this is the most practical mode of transportation to reach many remote areas. However, B.E.A.M helps with any mode of missionary transportation support and costs including auto gasoline.


Ministry ~ as we seek to establish a Biblical model for the establisment of other local church aviation ministries around the world. Though we want to help every one, we discourage ministry duplication in the same geographical location. Let's reach together those places that are not already targeted!

Our motto

“Winning the lost at any cost”


Whether we go by land, air or sea, we must go to fulfill the Great Commission. The question is, How much is the value of a human soul to the Lord Jesus Christ? The answer is that there is no cost too great to win a lost man, woman, boy, or girl to the Lord. That is why it is our desire to go to great lengths to provide the transport and delivery support to reach them with the Gospel.


BEAM is about fulfilling a need.


The objective of the Baptist Evangelism Aviation Ministry is to help equip local Independent Baptist churches to carry out the Great Commission in neglected remote regions of the world. 

Remote regions are a real challenge for mission work. The fact that they are remote and difficult to reach is one of the biggest hurdles that missionaries must face. However, even as Christ mandated us to go to "the uttermost part of the earth", he has provided the tools nessesary for the task. Because of aviation, there are countless tribes and villages around the world that are now much more accesable. In Alaska alone, there are about 290 cities, towns, and villages that are inaccessable by road, thats is 82% of Alaska's towns and villages that can only be reached by air or sea. In situations like this, aviation is a vital nessesity for effective evangelistic and missionary outreach.

Aviation not only makes remote villages accesable but also dramaticaly reduces travel time, often from days and weeks to mere hours. An example of this is an evangelism trip our team took in 2013 to several villages in southeast Alaska. Hydaburg & Angoon are a few of the many villages in Alaska that are accessable only by air or sea.  Though these villages are only about 100 miles apart,  it took about a week to travel from one village to the next by the alaska ferry system. Because the ferry only visits these villages once or twice a week, once we were dropped of on an island, we were there for four or five days until the next ferry. In this case, an hour or two by air would equal weeks of travel time. 

Another challenge associated with remote regions missions is the cost factor. No matter how one goes about it, transportation to and in these areas carrys a high price tag.  When a missionary attempts to reach these areas by himself, the expense of the fuel and transportation can overburden the evangelism effort or hinder the outreach altogether. The vision of B.E.A.M. is for local Independent Baptist churches to help carry this weighty burden (especially when aviation is involved). This greatly helps to relieve the missionary of the added encumbrances and expenses of remote regions transportation, thus enabling the missionary to do what God called him to do in his effort to evangelize, baptize, and organize churches.

Can you imagine the idea of deploying an US Air Force pilot in a far country to go into combat? Then the United States government informs him that he is expected to pay for his own training cost, purchase his own aircraft and then to go and fight the battle. He is also told that he needs to go and raise all the funds necessary for the fuel and ammunition that he will use and that he will be required to pay for all of the maintenance of the plane and this would be expected to come from his personal salary. Do you think there would be many volunteers? It would be impossable! In the same way, how can the missionary be expected to do so in remote regions evangelism? 


The BEAM challenge is for local churches to allow God to use them to carry these costs and send the missionaries out to follow Christ’s command to evangelize the lost.  

This Ministry is still in the development stages. Pray that the Lord will provide a suitable aircraft for this ministry. Until then, we plan to continue to reach remote villages in Alaska and Canada that are accessible by the road system. Presently, your support enables us to drive the distance to the villages we are now working in.

Our Goals

1. To provide transportation to remote regions for evangelism work by the most efficient and economical means available.

2. To help missionaries acquire and maintain suitable vehicles for evangelism in remote, inaccessible areas of the world.

3. To help cover operating and overhead costs such as fuel and maintenance and the other expenses incurred in remote regions missions.

4. To help missionary pilots with training costs.

If you are looking to invest financually in the furtherance of the Gospel in remote regions, or for a place to donate an aircraft or vehicle for missionary transportation to these areas, we would ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with this ministry. It is our desire to make sure that it is put to the best use possible in carrying out the Great Commission of our blessed Lord in your behalf. We are a 501c(3) ministry under  Community Baptist Church in Oliver Springs, TN. Call us or email us and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Mark J. Bach  Director of BEAM, Alaska Field Office, 250-636-2572 

Robert Combs Pastor, TN Office, 865-435-6817